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Property in the province of Barcelona in Spain

BARCELONA - the second largest city in Spain, famous for its main attractions: the old town and the Gothic quarter, with many museums, parks and squares. The old architecture in the old town is successfully combined with modern buildings, which makes Barcelona an ideal city for tourism trips and permanent living.

We have extensive experience in the Spanish real estate market. We, on a daily basis, improve the quality of our work and always think about our clients and their needs. We specialize in the sale of high quality properties in the Barcelona, Gava Mar, Castelldefels, Sitges. Our working methods are based on the knowledge of the needs of our customers that meet the expectations of the owners who sell their property or a buyer who needs an exclusive and high quality product with all the guarantees. We offer in the sale and rental of luxury properties (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses) in Spain, in Barcelona, in Gava Mar, in Castelldefels, in Sitges, also offers its clients to rent a home, as well as the acquisition of property in Spain for permanent residence. The real estate market is replete with a variety of proposals: from cozy little kvartirok to the outskirts of the city and ending with stunning villas and mansions with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. We offer a wide variety of offers for all tastes, needs and financial capabilities of our clients, allowing you to quickly decide on the lease of real estate and your full acquisition of property. In our catalog of real estate objects are represented by property owners in the province of Barcelona, in Spain.
The main sector of activity is the following:
- Sale, rent in Spain, and land for construction.
- Search of sellers and buyers.
- Legal support of the transaction.
- Register or other registration in the state or other authorities of Spain opposes the transaction.
- Assistance in obtaining loans in Spain.
- The realization of a complex of promotional activities to promote the purpose of the real estate market in Spain.
- Consultations on the choice of insurance companies in Spain and questions of property insurance (apartments, houses, buildings).
- Preparation, obtaining and registration of a complete package of documents of all types of real estate in Spain.

We offers of sale and rental of luxury properties (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, masias) in Spain, in Barcelona, in Gava Mar, in Castelldefels, in Sitges, that will help you solve all problems with the rental or purchase of real estate in Spain, including the design and settlement documents of any formality. We will help you select the desired property in Spain from your needs, including special requirements for space infrastructure and conditions. We will find the right home in Spain, with a short distance from the fun of a modern city: clubs, restaurants, cafes, bars and attractions and parks. Find the most advantageous offer for you in terms of price and quality in the Spain real estate market.
Please, contact us in any way you want and get advice according to your needs and preferences.

+The official site of the city of Barcelona

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