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COSTA MARESME (BARCELONA) - Next to the south of the Costa Brava area of Catalonia, near Barcelona. For centuries, the former settlement of fishermen and peasants settlements, Costa del Maresme in the middle of the 20th century began to build homes for the wealthy people of Barcelona, and hotels for wealthy Europeans.
Since then, the tourist infrastructure of the Spanish coast has leaped forward and is now a flourishing tourist center, with a wide network of modern hotels in the places of income and entertainment for all ages and all tastes. It is believed that the Costa del Maresme (Barcelona) - one of the most beautiful coasts of Spain, surrounded by the majestic Pyrenees with silver sands and turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The main stations: Malgrat de Mar, Santa Susanna, Callela, Pineda de Mar and Sant Pol de Mar. Wide sandy beaches stretch along here the limits of the city. Maresme is considered one of the most efficient on the Spanish Mediterranean coast - most of the local hotels offer relatively affordable prices for accommodation, real estate Costa Maresme in Spain is very popular with most foreign buyers. The temperate maritime climate, Maresme (Barcelona) makes the resort a popular and classic beach holiday, and for treatment. It is surrounded by mountains, the Pyrenees, the Costa del Maresme is closed from most of the winds. Sunny days are here, there are about 275 a year. The average summer temperature is 25-28 ° C + winter drops at + 8-10 ° C. Beach season runs from April to October. Maresme (Barcelona) is also known as "The Fruit Coast", because they do not go to three harvests a year. On the slopes of the carpet continued cultivation of Stel strawberries and orchards. Paisajes del Maresme (Barcelona) - is miles of beaches of silvery sand, bathed by the turquoise waves of the Mediterranean Sea and protected by the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees. The most popular beach resorts Costa del Maresme - Malgrat de Mar, Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar, Callela and St-Paul March. Its landscapes and tourist infrastructure to tourists from the soul of one of many countries - of all ages, abilities and interests. In the historical city of Kallela it is worth seeing the Church of Santa Maria, built in the 16-18 centuries. in neoclassical style. In Malgrat de Mar: the church of Sant Nicolau de Bari and Torre-den-Riera 16, as well as a large number of palaces and villas, built in the Art Nouveau style .. Near (Pineda de Mar) is the palace of Kan -Halpi 15-16 centuries. The Castel park do not be lazy to climb to the observation platform, which offers magnificent views of the city. On the Costa del Maresme (Barcelona), near the settlement-and-resorts Maldrat Carretera de Palafolls between Malgrat de Mar and Blanes is a famous water park "Marinelend". Of 40 thousand. M2 finds here numerous aquatic facilities for adults and teenagers, as well as a special area for children with three swimming pools and swimming attractions for children up to 6 years old. In addition to the water attractions, "famous mini-zoo Marinelend" with performances with dolphins, sea lions and parrots, it also houses the only one in Catalonia, an exhibition of raptors, natural enclosures where seals and penguins live. ideal for a family holiday: in the park part of a picnic area pines high umbrella placed with bar and restaurant - in a word, neither adults nor children remain indifferent. For those who love active holidays in Santa Susanna, Callela and Mataro are diving and water sports clubs. Note that in Santa Susanna you can dive up to beginners, here they are working diving school, while in Mataro Kallela and diving international certificates are in force. From tourist destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Spain are very close to each other, settling in one, you can see many of the neighboring towns, on the other hand this does not necessarily mean guided tours. Using public transport from the tourist centers of the Costa del Maresme, you can make interesting excursions in the north, in the province of Costa Brava. This can be done by bus or train to Blanes. Here the railway ends, to the south, you can go by bus.

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