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Property in Mataro on the Spanish Coast

MATARO is located about 30 kilometers north of Barcelona. It stretches between the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal mountains. Mataro - great by the standards of the Catalan city, with ancient traditions and modern infrastructures. Tourists are attracted here by the beautiful sea, beautiful beaches, friendly people and a lot of leisure facilities. Property in Mataro in Spain is very merged with foreign buyers. The history of the city begins in Roman times. Numerous archaeological finds in different parts of the city show that there are many houses and public sewage. Archaeologists have found the remains of the oldest of the Roman road Iberian Peninsula, whose construction dates from the second century BC back to Life in these places was calm, and the city grew slowly. In the sixteenth century, Mataró was a small city, which is located around the church of Santa María and a large area. The relatively rapid development of the city began in 1839, when the textile industry was the basis of Mataro economic activity. In the vicinity of the city is also well developed agriculture, whose products are sold in other regions of Spain, and exported. The city has a museum with a rich collection of ancient sculptures, ceramics and mosaics. In Matara is an archaeological excavation of the village Kan Lauder, dating back to the third century AD with a decoration in marble and mosaics. The villa was owned by wealthy citizens, who lived together with their families and slaves. People lived in the village until the Middle Ages. Mataro known outside the local festival is Les Santes - the day of the martyred saints Juliana and Sempronia, who were women residents of Mataro. Les Santes party is celebrated on July 25. On this day, the city wakes up with music that announces the beginning of the party. As soon as the mass in honor of the saints in the Basilica of Santa Maria in the city of comparsa begins with songs, dances and fireworks. During summer vacations and holidays, for children and adults organized numerous entertainment events. Les Santes is very popular, and its inhabitants are waiting for Mataro, but also the guests of the city. The second popular holiday in Mataro is Easter. Holy Week in Spain is an important event when the number of people participating in religious processions. From Good Friday of Easter in Mataro passes more than 30 marches organized by religious brotherhoods, and in the most important processes that take place on Good Friday, about 1,500 people participated.
Also in Mataro held fairs, exhibitions, music and dance, Festival, Shakespeare Festival and other celebration events.

 - the offers of sale and rental of luxury properties (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, country houses) in Spain, on the coast, which will help you organize the rental or the purchase of real estate in Barcelona, Costa del Garraf (Barcelona), Maresme (Barcelona), in any area of the coast, to hold proposed elections on the established parameters and price. In our catalog of real estate objects are represented by property owners in the province of Barcelona, in Spain.
The main sector of activity is the following:
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- Assistance in obtaining loans in Spain.
- The realization of a complex of promotional activities to promote the purpose of the real estate market in Spain.
- Consultations on the choice of insurance companies in Spain and questions of property insurance (apartments, houses, buildings).
- Preparation, obtaining and registration of a complete package of documents of all types of real estate in Spain.
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