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Property in Pineda de Mar on the Spanish Coast

PINEDA DE MAR - a spa town located on the Costa del Maresme, between Barcelona and Girona. It is famous for its miles of beaches with silver sand. Real estate in Pineda de Mar in Spain is in great demand by foreign buyers.
Principles of Pineda de Mar - a small fishing village, in the middle of the 20th century the rich people of Barcelona, began to build private houses and hotels on the coast began to appear for wealthy tourists. From Barcelona to Pineda de Mar, only 57 km. Through Pineda de Mar, it hosts a national road N-II. You can also reach the city by the C-32 pay highway, from Pineda de Mar, just 2 hours away to Andorra and France at 1.5 hours. According to the urban resort bus, and from May to October, added a small Xino-Xano tourist train, consisting of only 2-3 cars. The climate in Pineda de Mar Mediterranean typical Catalan: hot summers, the average temperature is higher than 30 ° C. Temperature during the winter day rarely falls below 5 ° C. In autumn it rains often. Pineda de Mar Beach stretches almost 3 kilometers in length, width reaching 40 m of sand. From a small pale silver to the great yellow-gold. The beach is well equipped - rental of chairs and umbrellas, small boats and catamarans, speedboat rides, and "bananas". On the beach all day lifeguard, first aid work. The Montpalau complex preserves part of the castle, the ruling dynasty of the 12th century. Maria was also a famous church of St. Founded in the 11th century and is famous for its fantastic beauty of the baroque facade. Kan Zhalpi palace belonging to the 15-16 centuries, is located near the church. It is also perfectly preserved Sports Pavilion in the Art Nouveau style. The second part of Pineda de Mar - complex, full of bars, restaurants, hotels and discos. The most lively centers of the area are considered the Plaza de Les Melies and the Paseo Marítimo, where festivals of the city are held and which are the most popular bars and restaurants in the city. In Pineda de Mar, a lot of green areas and gardens. The city itself is located in the middle of a pine forest of the famous Pyrenees. For those wishing to improve their health there are several sanatorium programs - near the coastline is an international health center "Sport and the sea", where to go for advice.
 - sale and rent a property (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, country houses) in Spain, on the coast, which will help you to organize the rental or purchase of real estate in Barcelona, Costa del Garraf (Barcelona), Maresme (Barcelona), in any area of the coast, carrying out the selection of the offers according to a set of parameters and price.
The main sector of activity is the following:
- Sale, rent in Spain, and land for construction.
- Search of sellers and buyers.
- Legal support of the transaction.
- Register or other registration in the state or other authorities of Spain opposes the transaction.
- Assistance in obtaining loans in Spain.
- The realization of a complex of promotional activities to promote the purpose of the real estate market in Spain.
- Consultations on the choice of insurance companies in Spain and questions of property insurance (apartments, houses, buildings).
- Preparation, obtaining and registration of a complete package of documents of all types of real estate in Spain.
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+ The official site of the city of Pineda de Mar

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