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SITGES was a quiet fishing village with a church on the beach. Today it is a small ancient city located in one of the bays on the Spanish Costa del Garraf. Despite the fact that the city has managed to preserve all the charm of the Catalan people, it lives here all year round in its heyday: occupied several carnivals, parties and other celebrations. According to the online survey, Sitges is firmly in the top ten most visited tourist destinations in the world of youth, the property in Sitges in Spain is one of the most prestigious around the coast of Spain. It is called "the Spanish Saint-Tropez". Shopping fashion brands, daytime and evening entertainment, proximity to Barcelona, golf courses and picturesque professional marinas make Sitges a very popular resort among travelers with a variety of interests, but also a rather expensive place to relax. Sitges compared to neighboring spas on sunny days is much more than a cloudy (the sun shines here 300 days a year). Average daily air temperature ranges between + 26-28 ° C, humidity is low. All this makes Sitges an ideal place for a beach vacation. In the territory of Sitges are the beautiful sandy beaches. In total, the complex is located on 11 beaches, the most popular of which - a beach of San Sebastian, located nepodalku of Cau Ferrat .. All the beaches of Sitges impeccably clean and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The holiday season is the central beaches of the city are filled almost to capacity, so the veterans of the resort prefer to go a little further along the coast. You can also find several coves where tourists are much smaller. Even more along the beach is a nude beach, and behind it there is a gay beach. In any case, whatever the choice you make, there will always be next to a cozy cafeteria or restaurant. After having been in Sitges, we can not try the traditional Spanish dishes: the seafood paella, thick gazpacho tomato soup, special Spanish omelet (Spanish omelet) or the fried potatoes in spicy sauce (patatas bravas), as well as the flavor of the Spanish cheese Machego cheese, traditional sausages and ham (ham and chorizo -Jamon). Most hotels in Sitges are 4 stars, but you can find cheaper options. Due to the large influx of tourists in the high season all hotels are full. The most famous monument is the temple of San Santo Fyokla 17th century and Bartholomew, a degree of milkshake that the waves of the sea. It is also advisable to pay attention to the buildings of the old city - there are many beautiful villas and mansions, among which the Villa "Anita" or Pere Karreresa house stands out. Special attention is paid to Marisela Palace. This complex in 1912 was purchased by the millionaire Charles Deering. Here he created a museum in which to place his own collection of paintings. Of particular interest are the gold and blue halls, the San Miguel tower and the old monastery. Another cultural attraction is Sitges Cau Ferrat Museum ("Iron Nest"). At the end of the 19th century in this house lived a famous Spanish artist Santiago Rusinol. Here he not only opened his own school of painting, but also to carry out the so-called "modern-style party" of renown acquired by the whole city in the aristocratic circles of Spain. The Cau Ferrat exhibition presents works by many artists from the late 19 - early 20th century, including artists such as Salvador Dali, El Greco and Picasso. Jinks passing here from morning to late at night. Sin Calle Calle - the center of the group of nightclubs and dance bars. At night, the whole of its space is full of tourists. The most fashionable nightclubs - is "Pacha" and "Atlantis", which are famous in the whole of Spain. The main fun starts late at night, so they do not go to clubs before in 3-4 hours. In March, the traditional rally of old cars takes place under the title "Barcelona - Sitges Rally". In summer you can visit the theater and flower festivals. At the end of August, Sitges celebrate the day of San Bartolomé (the patron saint of the city) and the Fiesta Mayor. In September, you can visit the Santa Tecla Folk Festival, and in October - the festival of science fiction and horror films.

We offers of sale and rental of luxury properties (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, masias) in Spain in Sitges, which will help you to organize the rental or purchase of real estate in Barcelona, in Gava Mar, in Castelldefels, in Sitges, in any area of the coast, to hold proposed elections on the established parameters and price. In our catalog of real estate objects are represented by property owners in the province of Barcelona, in Spain.
The main sector of activity is the following:
- Sale, rent in Spain, and land for construction.
- Search of sellers and buyers.
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- Assistance in obtaining loans in Spain.
- The realization of a complex of promotional activities to promote the purpose of the real estate market in Spain.
- Consultations on the choice of insurance companies in Spain and questions of property insurance (apartments, houses, buildings).
- Preparation, obtaining and registration of a complete package of documents of all types of real estate in Spain.

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