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SPAIN is a colorful, cheerful, sunny country located in southwestern Europe. It occupies approximately 85% of the territory of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the Balearic and Pitiuz Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. In Spain there are many cities, whose history spans more than one millennium, works of architectural art and the cleanest beaches, which attracts here, to this blessed land of travelers from different parts of the world. The heights of the Pyrenees, Sierra Morena and the Andalusian mountains do not leave indifferent outdoor enthusiasts: ski resorts with equipped pistes and magnificent landscapes receive hundreds and thousands of holidaymakers every year. The country of flamenco and bullfighting, as it is also called, is visited annually by an average of 30 million tourists. Canary and Balearic Islands can be called a paradise for a beach holiday.
Each of the 17 autonomous communities (regions) of Spain has its own history, features and unsolved mysteries. In the Basque Country, for example, there lives one of the most mysterious European nations, whose roots and culture are very distinctive. Catalan, Galician, special ethnographic group of sedentary Gypsies, called Gitanos, and others also belong to national minorities. Spaniards have a rare friendliness and desire to help in a difficult situation. Even if you do not know the language, expressive and energetic gestures of local people can destroy all the barriers of misunderstanding. And what holidays and festivals are held in Spain! To participate in them it is not at all necessary to know the language, the main thing is to feel the atmosphere and that all-consuming emotional heat that is always present here. In short, if you want the usual familiarity with the sights to combine with relaxing on the beaches or ski resorts, visiting the bullfights, participating in festivals, competitions and holidays, then a holiday in Spain is exactly what you need!

We have extensive experience in the Spanish real estate market. We, on a daily basis, improve the quality of our work and always think about our clients and their needs. We specialize in the sale of high quality properties in Barcelona and throughout the province of Barcelona. Our working methods are based on the knowledge of the needs of our customers that meet the expectations of the owners who sell their property or a buyer who needs an exclusive and high quality product with all the guarantees. We offer in the sale and rental of luxury properties (flats, apartments, houses, villas, townhouses, masias) in Spain, which are willing to offer for tourists and real estate companies of any kind:

- Residential real estate in Spain.
- Land in Spain.
Sale of real estate in Spain and renting a property in Spain - our greatest specialization in the market in Spain and the main area of activity is real estate:
- Sale, rent in Spain, and land for construction.
- Search of sellers and buyers.
- Legal support of the transaction.
- Register or other registration in the state or other authorities of Spain opposes the transaction.
- Assistance in obtaining loans in Spain.
- The realization of a complex of promotional activities to promote the purpose of the real estate market in Spain.
- Consultations on the choice of insurance companies in Spain and questions of property insurance (apartments, houses, buildings).
- Preparation, obtaining and registration of a complete package of documents of all types of real estate in Spain.
We also offer the sale of land with the possibility of building a house, office or business in Spain.
For tourists and people who want to buy a luxury home, or to better know the country, we can offer the best options for housing in Spain, according to your taste: apartments, villas, cottages, rural houses, as well as any other apartments. We will process your list of requirements for housing, including the number of rooms, necessary amenities, distance to the beach, as well as the characteristics of the infrastructure. With our help, you will be able to buy a property that interests you in Barcelona in Spain, Costa de Barcelona, Gava Mar, Castelldefels, Sitges.
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